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The Silkworm
by Robert Galbraith

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This is a very gruesome but captivating murder mystery written by JK Rowling under a pseudonym. I would recommend this book highly. Apparently, it is the second in a series about the main character detective, Cormoran Strike, that perhaps people might want to read first.

Game Plan
by Sarah Harnisch

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I loved the book, excellent read for building my Young Living Essentials Oils & More business!

When Stars Collide
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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Thad and Olivia are meant to be an opposites attract story, football players meets opera singer. However, once we learn more about them, they are more similar, just with different talents. There is a mystery, crime involved part of it was predictable, part was not. Most of the focus of the book is opera, which I think is unique, otherwise there were not a lot of surprises. I miss the humor I usually enjoy in SEP books due to opposites clashing.

Winter Sea
by Di Morrissey

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A friend of mine had recommended this book to me . I had never heard of this Australian author but after reading this story I am a fan .You meet the main character as a young man who sets out to leave his poor fishing village in Italy for a better life in America. He misses the boat to America and ends up on a boat to Australia . The book takes you on a journey of his determination to build a successful life in a new country as a fisherman from the skills that he learned from his Dad . He marries and has three sons and passes on his passion for fishing to them. At the same time the book is telling you the story of a young attorney who becomes disillusioned with her husband and job and life in Sydney .She takes a break and visits one of the beautiful villages along the Australian coast a stray dog leads her to love and heartbreak as strangers become family .

If Not For You
by Debbie Macomber

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There's something to be said for longtime authors such as Debbie Macomber, a veteran of her genre. Especially when you're looking for an easy read. If Not For You, one of Macomber's recent books, fits this description. Beth moves from Chicago to Portland, Oregon, moving away from her controlling mother and close by to Sunshine, her free-spirited artist aunt. There, as she embarks on her new life, a fellow teacher sets Beth up on what winds up being a disastrous blind date, disastrous in more than one way. Beth and mechanic Sam, who was equally less than thrilled at the setup, form a close bond after Beth is involved in a terrible car accident. That initial unease turns into a relationship. Of course, in the back of her mind, Beth knows that her mother's disapproval will eventually become an issue, something that turns out to be true. Many of the characters in this book have unresolved relationships, something good natured Beth wants to help resolve. She quickly learns that some things are better left alone, a lesson that winds up being a painful learning experience for her. Of course, Debbie Macomber doesn't leave loose ends, so almost all is good by the book's conclusion. And that is why I enjoy alternating books by new and emerging authors with writing from authors such as Macomber. You know what you're in for, and the lack of a surprise is sometimes a good thing.

The Kindness Of Strangers
by Katrina Kittle

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An emotional read. We follow the path of an upstanding, community involved married couple who are pedophiles. The story is told through a mom, her two sons and a victim. The different perspectives allow the reader to view the different perceptions associated with the crime as well as feel their emotions. The multitude of emotions run from denial, shock, shame, guilt to love, courage and security. This is a memorable vook.

The Paris Wife
by Paula Mclain

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This was the story of Ernst Hemingway's first wife, Elizabeth. It was sort of a melancholy tale of how they met, fell in love and how that ended. This book gave the reader a glimpse into the writers life in the 1920s in Paris, and how he found inspiration for his novels.

Long Sea Petal
by Isabel Allende En Español

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Long Sea Petal / Largo Petalo de Mar, another amazing book by Isabel Allende. I want to say that this has been one of my favorite stories written and told by the author. The incredible descriptions of history are breathtaking. The civil war in Spain generated countless tragedies and unfortunate situations, some of the situations had unexpected outcomes and at times happy endings like Long Petal of the Sea. Although tragedy and despair were the central discussions of the book, Isabel Allende, once again managed to include the most beautiful and pure of all the love stories. The tenancy bravery and endurance of both, the male and female roles are captivating and inspiring. I absolutely love the ending of the book because it is real and most people can relate to the circumstances.

The Wisteria Society Of Lady Scoundrels India Holton
by India Holton

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A really unique story told with no shortage of comedy, wit and sarcasm! I loved how this story undercut the patriarchy and misogyny of the Victorian era while still allowing its characters to be unapologetically feminine. (Of course there's a little romance in there as well!) I had no clue what I was getting myself into with this book, but I'm so very glad I picked it up!

Trust Exercise
by Susan Choi

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I was drawn to this book as it is chock full of the backstage drama of theatre kids, hearkening back to my own youth. But there was a definite lack structure to the overall plot. The POV shifted so much, that by the end, I was not sure which characters deserved my attention or emotional connection. The "story within a story" plot twist can be fun, but didn't really work here, but I did really enjoy the dynamics between drama teachers and their pet students!