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Book Reviews
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The Prince and the Dressmaker
by Jen Wang

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One of my favorite graphic novels. The artwork is wonderful and the story is just so sweet. Really strong message about accepting others and living as yourself. 10/10 would read 100 times again.

The New Iberia Blues A Dave Robicheaux Novel
by James Lee Burke

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Another thriller by JL Burke! The identity of the killer was a mystery until the end. I love his gritty style of writing and the beautiful, magical descriptions of the Bayou country. It's been fun reading about Dave's daughter as she has grown up through the years of novels.

by Sheryl Strayed

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This is the second time I read this book, and I can't believe how many new things I learned about Sheryl's journey finding her self. I love to hike, so I related to the adventure of a mountain trail, I would like someday hike some of the PCT "Pacific Crest Trails" One of the most enjoyable parts of the book was how well its written and the honesty of the author, how she let us into her life and shared so much intimacy. I love her and I follow her on social media, what a great and unselfish human being.

Birthday Girl
by Penelope Douglas

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3.5 stars. I liked this better than Punk 57 but I could not get behind their relationship. Not necessarily because of the age gap, I knew what I was going into reading this, but because Pike was really awful a lot of the time. I didn’t really see the change in him when it came to their relationship but I liked watching his character develop outside of it. And I liked Jordan herself, they just didn’t work for me as a couple.

Keeper Of Lost Things
by Ruth Hogan

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This book gave my book club so much to discuss. The idea that by reuniting people with their lost things a main character hoped he would someday find his list thing was so compelling. Reminds me to do good things so that good things happen to me too.

by Tara Westover

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Such a fascinating story! While I don’t question Ms. Westover’s account of her experiences growing up in extraordinary circumstances, I find myself reflecting on the perceptions of a child and the nature of memory as she tells her outrageous story. It’s so different from my own experience, it’s a challenge to wrap my head around the idea that people live like this- though we know they do.

Findley Donavan Is Killing It
by Elle Cosimano

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This is a very fast paced and funny book about a single mom, struggling financially, who needs to finish writing her murder mystery novel before her life crashes down around her. Then her novel becomes her real life, and vice-versa. An uplifting book where the underdog wins! I recommend this book.

by Tracy Clark

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This the 4th in a series of murder/mystery books featuring the ex-Chicago PD officer turned PI Cassandra Raines. This time Cass is trying to locate a runaway teen from a foster home in the middle of a Chicago winter. As with her other books, this kept me guessing, although I did guess who the “bad guys” were fairly quickly, it was not easy to figure out how she was going to solve the case. The main issue I had was the dialogue Cass had with teens in the book who were runaways. Cass was much too aggressive and too direct with teens who do not trust adults. Cass keeps saying “you can trust me” but that has not been the kids’ experiences with adults in their lives. The author needed to research that aspect of the book

by John Grisham

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John Grisham has a gift for getting the feel of the characters, the surroundings and the reality of the situation. Based on a true story, Grisham tells the story of young man from the South Sudan who loves basketball and gets a chance to play a few exhibition games in the US. Grisham conveys the amazement Simon, later known as Sooley, feels throughout the experience. Grisham also does a great job portraying Sooley's love of basketball and love of his family.

Malibu Rising
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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One of my favorite reads of 2021, this book was incredible. I loved the way all of the stories were told in a way that made me want to focus on each character I was reading about. There was so much to love about this book I’m still trying to process it all. I just really love the way the story was weaved, with the past and the present, the different point of views, and overarching story of family and what you learn from them, what you chose to keep and push away. Just an incredible book.