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Book Reviews
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Home With My Sisters
by Mary Carter

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A wonderful story of a family reunited at the invitation of their grandmother who is dying. Ms. Carter takes us through a Christmas gathering and three sisters spending time and sharing memories, healing old hurts and renewing their relationships. This is an easy and enjoyable read.

Born A Crime
by Trevor Noah

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I liked this book very much. The author's story about growing up half-black in South Africa during apartheid was very enlightening. Very sad historical truths told from his own comic perspective. But I mostly remember it because it was a very loving tribute to his mother, and all she endured.

The Invisible Life Of Addie Larue
by Be Schwab

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One of my favorite books, it’s suspenseful and definitely not what I was expecting, it has magic and is a wonderful story about how are lives could be if we chose differently

Long Sea Petal
by Isabel Allende En Español

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Long Sea Petal / Largo Petalo de Mar, another amazing book by Isabel Allende. I want to say that this has been one of my favorite stories written and told by the author. The incredible descriptions of history are breathtaking. The civil war in Spain generated countless tragedies and unfortunate situations, some of the situations had unexpected outcomes and at times happy endings like Long Petal of the Sea. Although tragedy and despair were the central discussions of the book, Isabel Allende, once again managed to include the most beautiful and pure of all the love stories. The tenancy bravery and endurance of both, the male and female roles are captivating and inspiring. I absolutely love the ending of the book because it is real and most people can relate to the circumstances.

The Casual Vacancy
by J K Rowling

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I am at a little bit of a loss as to how I feel about this book. I picked it up because of the famous author. It is not nearly as good a s the Harry Potter series. The character development was slow, in fact it wasn't until at LEAST halfway through that I could keep everyone straight in my mind. But eventually I did start to care about the characters, especially the younger ones. And then the end was so depressing! A very sad commentary on the nature of human kind.

by Neal Shusterman

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In the distant future, almost 300 years after artificial intelligence became the all powerful Thunderhead, humanity has been cured of hunger, poverty, disease, and even death. Despite the basic utopia, the population is still growing faster than the planet can keep up. People still have to die (much more slowly than in the Age of Mortality), but it was decided that death was best left to human control, and so the Scythedom formed. Scythe Faraday takes Rowan and Citra on as reluctant apprentices to compete for a place in the Scythdom that neither of them wants. A sci-fi favorite that just adds more with each reread of the trilogy!

A Spell For Trouble
by Esme Addison

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A cute cozy mystery about a woman who finds out her family has magic, and has to solve a murder before her aunt is put away for it. Nothing special, but I will be reading the new sequel!

Deep Freeze
by John Sandford

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I love John Sandford’s plotting, sense of humor, and characters. This book is part of the Virgil Flowers series and it doesn’t disappoint. Virgil solves his murder cases by thinking a lot, observing the “locals” and asking people around the murder to share their opinions. He tends to forget his gun which is sometimes a problem. Sandford is quite adept as describing his characters in few words that capture the essence of the person. This descriptive ability allows me to remember a large number of different people so I don’t have to go back and try to find out how that person relates to the murder.

by Abby Wambach

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This book is based on a commencement speech soccer legend Abby Wambach gave at Barnard College. It empowers women to step out of the shadows and take their place at the table, rather than wait for an invitation. Wambach's message is inspirational. It combines her own story, both in her soccer career and her personal life, with encouragement and a call to action. The only drawback is that the book is extremely short, which is fine in and of itself, but the price felt a bit high given the brevity of the book. This is a good read for anyone, but especially teen girls and young women.

Keeper Of Lost Things
by Ruth Hogan

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This book gave my book club so much to discuss. The idea that by reuniting people with their lost things a main character hoped he would someday find his list thing was so compelling. Reminds me to do good things so that good things happen to me too.