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Book Reviews
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Anxious People
by Frederik Backman

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I listened to the audiobook of this novel, and it was a fantastic performance - one of the best I've heard. These well developed characters are completely brought to life and I literally laughed out loud many times during a recent road trip.

The Other Black Girl
by Zakiya Dalila Harris

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I wasn't really fond of this book. Although the intrigue and mysteries kept me reading until the end, I found it confusing and sad, and not really believable.

The Longest Line On The Map By Eric Rutkow
by Rutkow

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Enjoyed this one a lot, especially the geographical aspects

I Was Thinking
by Diana Waugh

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A great help in learning how to live with someone who has mild cognitive impairment.

Missing Of Clairdelune
by Christelle Dabos

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2 nd book in the series, a si fi type of writing, totally different from the usual mystery and love stories, flowed nicely. These books are the 400 or more page, which I prefer

Life Will Be The Death Of Me
by Chelsea Handler

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I've read several of Chelsea Handler's memoirs, and they've all had the same tone. In this most recent book, Chelsea gets honest, revealing a lot of personal history and painful childhood experiences she hasn't previously discussed publicly. Having read her previous books, this latest one puts a lot of pieces together and kind of explains why Chelsea is who she is today. A lot of this comes via self reflection from hours with a therapist; it's the first time she appears to really let her guard down and be vulnerable. If this is the first time reading one of Chelsea Handler's books, it may not be as good a read, but I'm sure I am not the only one sort of relieved that she's finally made personal progress after seeing in prior books that she has issues to overcome. Like many comedians, that humorous persona comes after a lot of pain. It's good to see is finally dealing with some of the hurt that she's compartmentalized for many years.

Necessary Lies
by Diane Chamberlain

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A look into the 1960s sterilization program in North Carolina. Jane is a social worker who becomes too involved with the Hart family, one of her cases. She questions sterilizing two of the girls in the family without their knowledge. Brought forth is also the feelings at the time towards women working and birth control. An eye opening book.

A Spell For Trouble
by Esme Addison

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A cute cozy mystery about a woman who finds out her family has magic, and has to solve a murder before her aunt is put away for it. Nothing special, but I will be reading the new sequel!

Daisy Jones And The Six
by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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The unusual format made this book a memorable one. Anyone who has watched a "behind the music" documentary can appreciate the story of California girl Diasy Jones and the band mates that became 70s rock legends. You almost feel as if you're reading a real life story reading this book, not fiction. It's like watching VH1, just in book form. Whether or not Daisy was a sympathetic character is still something I'm mulling over, but I enjoyed the book and its unique format. I look forward to seeing tbis made into a movie or maybe a miniseries on Netflix.

The Guest List Lucy Foley
by Lucy Foley

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What a great book, really character-driven. I don’t normally read thrillers but this was just fantastic. Foley did a great job showing the characters’ introspections and capturing human nature. A well-written and suspenseful thriller. Check for triggers before reading, but I would highly recommend!