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Book Reviews
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by Neal Shusterman

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In the distant future, almost 300 years after artificial intelligence became the all powerful Thunderhead, humanity has been cured of hunger, poverty, disease, and even death. Despite the basic utopia, the population is still growing faster than the planet can keep up. People still have to die (much more slowly than in the Age of Mortality), but it was decided that death was best left to human control, and so the Scythedom formed. Scythe Faraday takes Rowan and Citra on as reluctant apprentices to compete for a place in the Scythdom that neither of them wants. A sci-fi favorite that just adds more with each reread of the trilogy!

Middle Class Millionaire
by Clark Kendall

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This book is so great. Very reader-friendly, full of anecdotes and practical applications. I am truly grateful for a book that offers a fresh look at money for middle-class Americans. It's all about the slow build--you won't become a millionaire overnight, and you shouldn't expect to do so. Clark Kendall's book includes advice from a man with several certifications and years of financial experience. Highly recommend!

by John Grisham

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John Grisham has a gift for getting the feel of the characters, the surroundings and the reality of the situation. Based on a true story, Grisham tells the story of young man from the South Sudan who loves basketball and gets a chance to play a few exhibition games in the US. Grisham conveys the amazement Simon, later known as Sooley, feels throughout the experience. Grisham also does a great job portraying Sooley's love of basketball and love of his family.

Winter Sea
by Di Morrissey

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A friend of mine had recommended this book to me . I had never heard of this Australian author but after reading this story I am a fan .You meet the main character as a young man who sets out to leave his poor fishing village in Italy for a better life in America. He misses the boat to America and ends up on a boat to Australia . The book takes you on a journey of his determination to build a successful life in a new country as a fisherman from the skills that he learned from his Dad . He marries and has three sons and passes on his passion for fishing to them. At the same time the book is telling you the story of a young attorney who becomes disillusioned with her husband and job and life in Sydney .She takes a break and visits one of the beautiful villages along the Australian coast a stray dog leads her to love and heartbreak as strangers become family .

Where The Light Enters
by Jill Biden

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I knew the basics of Jill Biden's background before opening this book, but reading her autobiography made my admiration for her grow. This is a short, manageable read; I read the book in one afternoon. The book touches on how Jill met Joe Biden and his young boys, who at the time were rebuilding their lives after losing Joe's first wife and baby daughter to a car crash. Jill details her road to becoming a senators wife, taking on two boys as her own, having their daughter Ashley, and maintaining an active career as a professor during the time she served as Second Lady. The heartache of the relatively recent loss of the Bidens' son, Beau, is present through most of the book. The book does not touch on some of the more recent bumps in the road the Biden family has faced, including Beau's widow dating the Bidens' other son, Hunter. The book is obviously timed to coincide with Joe Biden's most recent campaign, but I would have read it at any point as Jill has been consistently private over the years.

The Lost Man Jane Harper
by Jane Harper

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I liked this book - read it in a day. I wasn't sure I would like it because I didn't really like "the Dry" (an earlier novel by harper that won a lot of praise). It's a story about the Australian Outback and a family that works the land there. I would recommend it to others.

The Bookseller Of Kabul By Asne Seierstad
by Seierstad

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Very interesting stories about a foreign country and different way of life. I enjoyed some of the insights into human behavior, though some of it was cringe-worthy.

The Honey Don't List
by Christina Lauren

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4.5 stars. Another great book by the loves of my life, Christina Lauren. Carey and James will forever hold a space in my heart, I just love the way James absolutely adores Carey and is always in awe of how hardworking she is, as well as consistently trying to make her life easier. This romance was beautifully crafted within the whirlwind of work-related chaos, so it was a very unique type of workplace romance, which I really enjoyed. While Carey is very nose to the grindstone type worker, James is always trying to get her to see beyond that and envision the life she truly wants. It’s a perfect dynamic and this is easily a favorite Christina Lauren book.

Jacqueline Winspear Maisie Dobbs Series
by Jacqueline Winspear Maisie Dobbs Series

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I read this entire series, the writing is good, and the background stories along with her being a detective or special investigator adds to the storyline. I couldn’t wait for the next book each time. I also like that period It was it in.

The Four Winds
by Kristin Hannah

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I found this to be a very moving book. Couldn't put it down. Read it in 2 days! Sad story about life in the Dust Bowl times. Historically interesting, but mostly speaks powerfully about strength and resilience in people (and sometimes the lack of it), the relationship between parents and their children (especially mothers and daughters), and the undying love of mothers for their children.