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Book Reviews
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Silent Night
by Danielle Steel

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As with many of Danielle Steel's books they are quick reads and you often forget the characters and story line soon after you have finished the book. However "Silent Night" is a story about a horrific accident in which a young girl is gravely injured and has to come to grips with the fact that her mother has died in the same accident .It's a poignant story of her fight to recover both physically and emotionally .Her Aunt showers her with love and devotion and never lets her give up, The odds of a full recovery often seem impossible .You will find yourself routing for this girl.

Whiskers In The Dark
by Rita Mae Brown

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This was not one of my favorites in the Mrs. Murphy series. In other books, the animals actually help solve the crime. In this book, I felt the animals were just an add-on. I found the crime a bit implausible and there was too much of the author's personal opinion of recent events.

Fountains Of Silence
by Ruta Sepetys

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Sepetys is one of my favorite YA authors. Her historical fiction novels are meticulously researched and chock full of interesting and multi-dimensional characters. This title doesn't disappoint. Set in the post-Spanish Civil War during Franco's reign of terror, it follows the connections forged between an American teen whose family is conducting business in the country and a Spanish teen whose family has suffered under the repressive regime. It sheds light on a long-forgotten and heartbreaking time in Spanish-American relations and adds an incredibly sweet love story!

by Harlan Coben

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Just getting started on Coben's books - so far I like them a lot - they seem a little more realistic than most crime novels

by Ashley Poston

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This modern fandom Cinderella retelling is a fun love letter to fandoms and the people in them. Elle needs to get to ExcelsiCon, win the Starfield costume contest, and ultimately get away from her stepmother. Darien, new lead actor on the Starfield movie, feels like a poser playing his favorite character. When he texts Elle by mistake, they strike up an anonymous friendship over their shared love of Starfield, and things take off from there. The story, characters, and concept were all great, even thought the writing wasn't really my cup of tea. Looking forward to trying out another in Poston's universe.

Blood Orange
by Harriet Tyce

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Alison is a defense lawyer and is given her first murder case by a lawyer with whom she is having an affair. She is married to a psychologist and has a young daughter. Although this is a quick read, the plot is full of graphic sexual situations and should not be read by the feint of heart. There are many twists and plots but in the end everyone gets their comeuppance.

Project Hail Mary
by Andy Weir

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I loved this book! Great science fiction story. Though there is a lot of math that was way over my head I could skim through those parts and still completely understand the story. Highly recommend this to everyone, but especially science and math nerds!

Any Way The Wind Blows
by Rainbow Rowell

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Overall, the finale in the Simon Snow trilogy was worth the read and I still love the series. However, it was missing a few things that knocked it down for me compared to the other two books. The ending really could have used another 100 pages or so to wrap things up without just shoving the loose plotlines in as quickly as possible, in addition to the problematic handling of a character who is described as asexual in every way except using the actual term. I really did expect better, but I still count this series among my favorites in the YA fantasy genre.

This Close To Okay By Leesa Cross-smith
by Leesa Cross-smith

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Recommended by Eileen! This was a heart-wrenching story but a great look into human nature, mental health, and grief. I absolutely cried while reading this book. I was so frustrated with the main character but I think it’s a testament to the great writing that instead of making me want to put the book down it actually made me want to read it more!

Borrowed Time
by Tracy Clark

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This the second book by Tracy Clark about Cassie Raines, a woman PI practicing in Chicago. The first book needed some editing--this second book is tighter and the characters better established. I read a lot of mystery books, so I can usually tell :who dun it: but this one kept me guessing. Fast read.