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The Midnight Library
by Matt Haig

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I liked this book so much that I intend to give it as gifts to all my loved ones this Christmas!!! It is a quick read, but still a very philosophical story of how one woman learns to value her life, VALUE LIVING!!

We Run the Tides
by Vendela Vida

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Set in San Francisco in the 1980s, Vida's tale of teen girls navigating the precarious perch of coming adulthood in a pre-cell phone, pre-social media world. Navigating these waters and other dangers that lurk in their neighborhood, the main character, Eulabee, learns how friendships and familial relationships can sometimes be tangled webs.

The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek
by Kim Michele Richardson

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Interesting to learn the history of horse pack librarians and the history of “blue skin” people. This was a sad story of how a young woman was challenged by racism, ignorance, and poverty to not only survive but to make the world (her little horse pack route)a better place. It was frustrating to see how she tried so hard and was beaten down, but inspiring to see how she never gave up and ultimately succeeded.

Broken Places
by Tracy Clark

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This a first book by an author who, in addition to writing, is employed as a newspaper editor in Chicago. The novel is a murder mystery set in Chicago. Cassie Raines was a cop in Chicago and retired to become a private investigator after a shooting incident while she was still on the Chicago Police Force. I read a review of her third book and because I like to read series books in order, I started on this one. What appealed to me was Cassie is a woman PI based in Chicago (remember V.I. Warshawski?). As a first novel it could have some tighter editing. BUT, this was a good story, a fast read, and kept me guessing. I will continue with the her next 3 books.

I Was Thinking
by Diana Waugh

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A great help in learning how to live with someone who has mild cognitive impairment.

Case Histories
by Kate Atkinson

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Enjoyed and did not enjoy this book. The premise was solving three murders, two of which were unsolved and one in which the wrong person was convicted. The detective, Jackson Brodie, is trying to solve all three at the same time multiple years later. The difficulty I had was in following the three narratives. Not only were there three separate stories to keep straight, but the narratives unfolded in different timelines and jumped around. What I did enjoy was the author's narrative style--humorous stream of conciousness.

A Good Girls Guide To Murder
by Holly Jackson

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If you had asked me to rate this book before reading the last ~50 pages, I would have given it 5 stars, easy. After finishing it, I think giving it 4 stars was generous. It was a really great and well-written cold case murder mystery, but the ending was too far-fetched for me to enjoy. Also, why do YA authors always have to kill the pet/animal?! Not cool.

The Ten Thousand Doors Of January
by Alix Harrow

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I am stingy with giving 5 stars. This book was amazing and I enjoyed it very much. My imagination soared while reading this. I highly recommend

The Friend Zone
by Abby Jimenez

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This was a cute and mostly funny book, pure chick lit and a good read if you're sitting on the beach or by the pool. Kristen meets Josh and, after an initial clash, there's an obvious connection between the two. He's the best man in an upcoming wedding in which she is the maid of honor, which means they'll be spending a lot of time together. Once she learns of Josh's dreams for the future, she puts up roadblock after roadblock to ensure the relationship doesn't go beyond the superficial. She underestimates Josh, who winds up compassionate and understanding. Close to the end, the book takes a dramatic and sad turn that leave both Josh and Kristen evaluating what's really important in life, which leads to a happier conclusion.

Spying On The South
by Tony Horwitz

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This is the final book from Pulitzer-Prize winning author and journalist, Tony Horwitz, who died suddenly and tragically during his tour for this book. Horwitz achieves what he does best with this account: filling us in on a fascinating chapter of history (this time, the younger years of Frederick Law Olmstead when Olmstead traveled through the South) while immersing himself in an epic journey through a changing landscape.